Put Out into the Deep!

Before I discuss the primary purpose of this blog, I want to discuss the topic of the internet.  I use the internet every day, perhaps even compulsively.  By that I mean that I find myself repeatedly returning to the same web sites over and over, constantly looking for more recent news and updates.  I find that I am hungry for fresh up-to-the-minute information, and I am often frustrated when my clicks yield nothing new.  Despite the vastness of the internet, often times I feel like I have exhausted my search for novel, stimulating content,  as if I have already viewed everything there is to know about history, current events, viral youtube videos and the lastest sports scores.  But of course this is not true; I simply have been limiting my web surfing to a relatively small number of web sites.  These are sites that I have visited almost daily for several years, for better or for worse. 

While I feel ever-increasingly connected with the latest news in my local area and beyond, I have found myself more disconnected from God.  Does anyone remember God?  How can I grow in my knowledge of God when I am constantly drowning myself in a steady stream of information, which, while providing temporary interest, in the end leaves me no closer to understanding Him “in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge”?  That scripture passage strikes me now as I type this.   Some would argue that it is in fact the Internet that contains “all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” However my faith tradition teaches me that it is Christ whom I should be contantly “visiting” in order to increase my knowledge and love of God.  

Social networking websites provide us with instant updates about the thoughts, feelings and activities of people we know.  So while a visit to your Facebook page informs me that you are getting over a cold, this new information keeps me focused on the present moment at the expense of my history.  And by my history, I mean the Paschal Mystery,  the life, death and resurrection of Jesus that offers me the opportunity to live a holy, transfigured life.  I find myself wondering, why I am not compulsively searching the Gospels to satisfy the deep longings of my mind and heart, in a manner similar to my compulsive web surfing?  

With Lent fast approaching, I believe it is time to “put out into the deep” – the deep that is the mind and heart of Christ.  Please forgive the inevitable pun, but rather than surfing the internet, it is time to “surf” into the deep, vast ocean of God.  Put out into the Deep! Duc in Altum!


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One Response to “Put Out into the Deep!”

  1. Adam Says:

    This post really resonates with me, Paul. Thanks.


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