Remember the Love of Jesus Christ!

You may have heard of the latest internet craze – Twitter.  This is how the Twitter website describes its purpose:  “Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?” For those that use facebook, it is basically like a status update. For example,  I might write, “Seeking Jesus is blogging” or “I’m at the DMV standing in line” or some other super-current piece of information, and then all my associates could know what I was doing immediately.  In the news, there are numerous celebrities announcing “follow me on twitter!”  Consequently, thousands of people can follow that celebrity’s day-to-day activity. 

In this media age, we are being seduced by the idea of being constantly “in the know”.  It’s almost like a 21st Century Gnosticism – only certain people are privy to some exclusive knowledge or enlightenment.  A person not connected to the internet through his computer, Iphone or Blackberry, or a non-member of myspace, facebook or twitter might as well be in a Trappist monastery, since he will be so “out of the loop” in terms of worldly happenings. We should be so blessed! 

The other day I had a powerful dream.  I found myself in the back of a church, upstairs in the choir loft.  I was sobbing.  The image of Christ Crucified seemed to be the reason for my grief.  I was mourning for Christ’s sufferings and for the “distance” between myself and Christ.  When I woke up that morning, the words “Remember the Love of Jesus Christ” were pressed upon my heart.

We are in serious danger.  We are at risk of losing our memory of God’s love.  Jesus said on the night he was betrayed, “Do this in memory of me.”  We need to make a choice.  Do I want to preserve the memory of Christ’s passion in my heart, or do I want to fill my mind with trivial, useless scraps of information?  If I am not careful, my mind will be overrun with “TMI” and I will find myself straying farther and farther away from communciation with God. 

A lack of meaningful contact with God will eventually kill our spiritual life. I notice that my prayer life is suffering, because my mind does not turn towards God until I lie down to bed at night.  That seems to be the only time of stillness for the mind.  Of course I start to pray but sleep eventually overcomes prayer.  And that is as it should be; there is a time to sleep, and there is a time to pray. 

God is calling us to give up this aimless pursuit of trivial updates, and in doing so, make time to spend in silent communion with Him.  To remember what He did for us then, and what He is doing for us now. 

Jesus, help me remember the love you showed for me, when you offered your life upon the Cross.  You are Mercy and Love.  I never, ever want to forget You.

Remember the Love of Jesus Christ!


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2 Responses to “Remember the Love of Jesus Christ!”

  1. Rakhi Says:

    Fantastic post! You’ve capture the very problem with our uber-ADD culture. The quagmire for ministry is do we not have a presence there because we’d rather not endorse the trend, or do we show up and shed some light on what they COULD be doing, such as, oh…praying? 🙂

    For my part, I have no desire to give someone THAT much access into where I am (slightly stalkerish, virtual or not), let alone the fact that we are beginning to lose the ability for quiet contemplation in our young people. Inundated with information, silence is uncomfortable – yet, silence is exactly when and where God speaks…

  2. seekingjesus Says:

    Thanks, Rakhi! I understand the dilemma regarding having an internet presence for the ministry. I do think it is a honorable thing to communicate with young people on their own terms, in this case, the aforementioned social networks. It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness! We just hope that time is set aside each day for only candles….as in, no electricity…hence no TV, cable, internet… 🙂 listening for the still small voice…

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