Still Seeking…

Well, if you haven’t checked this blog in some time, I understand, since my weekly posts have turned into quarterly ones. That’s a shame; one of my own pet peeves is web sites/blogs that become so inactive that they start to seem like speed bumps on the information superhighway…

Recently in Europe they declared it to be unlawful for crucifixes to hang on the walls of public buildings, such as schools, court houses, etc. In Italy there is a big outcry because Catholicism is so deeply woven in the fabric of the Italian culture. But I suppose the decision is based on the idea that these Christian symbols are an affront to non-Christians.

Here in the United States, while we have Christian origins, we have become more and more a secular society. And in fact, I can empathise with non-Christians who get assaulted by the ever-increasing Christmas creep. The Christmas decorations start being placed in store displays in October, and soon Christmas music is being piped into the sound systems of retail outlets everywhere. All these external things are somehow supposed to get into the season, but more often than not they end up obscuring the real meaning of Christmas.

As a Catholic Christian, I value the presence of sacramentals in my life because they help lift my mind to God. Things like rosaries, crucifixes, and statues are visible reminders of invisible truths. Nevertheless, if it became illegal for me to possess these items, I would not be distressed…you may recall:

“The Word is near you, deep within your heart”

…my greatest concern as a Christian is not whether or not there is a cross hanging on my wall. My greatest concern is, is the Cross planted firmly in my heart? Am I living with a constant awareness of how God demonstrated his great love for me, made visible by the death and resurrection of Christ?

Let’s continue to pray that we are recognized as Christians because of our great love.


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