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A recent insight in prayer

August 16, 2010

Last Thursday after a stressful day at work I stopped in at a local convent to spend some time with the Lord.  I prayed the Luminous Mysteries along with the sisters (who were behind the altar as they are cloistered) and it was difficult to meditate due to the stresses of the day. 

But later I was back home, folding laundry and thinking about an area of my life that I wish were more holy.  Then a thought came into my mind in a sudden manner, as if it were being planted there by God. 

The most beautiful thing in all that is, is Christ made present, where before He was not.

You might be discouraged and depressed that something in your life does not seem to be blessed.  But remember that there was a period of time on earth before Christ came in the flesh.  With the incarnation of the Son of God, true love, hope, reconciliation and eternal life were brought into the world.  This is why the Lord rejoices more over one repentant sinner than over good people who never do wrong.  Christ and his saving love are made present in the sinner’s life.  There is a B.C. and an A.D.  There is a time where the bread and wine are only bread and wine, and then Christ is made present on the altar. 

May Christ be made present in all the areas of your life, and mine too!